Is Dental Implant Painful

Are you thinking about getting your infected tooth replaced? Do you want to fill a tooth gap with an implant? The thought of getting a permanent replacement or filling a gap brings the question, is dental implant painful? Whether you get a dental implant in Virginia Beach or any other location, the process will not be painful.

Why is Dental Implant Not Painful

The first step of a dental implant includes numbing the implanting area. Your dentist will inject local anesthesia in the area, which will cause your nerves to numb. Only then will the professional go ahead with your implant procedure.

Therefore, you will not feel pain during the tooth implant process. In some cases, you may feel a light pressure, but that is about it.

The Pain After A Dental Implant

While the implant procedure itself will not be painful, you must know that it will pain after the process. Your anesthesia will start to wear off after some time, which is when the pain kicks in. Apart from the pain, you can also expect inflammation, rare bleeding, or swelling in and around the area.

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Do not panic, as these conditions are quite normal. You must remember that you have gone through surgery, and it will take time to heal completely. The good news, however, is that this initial pain will only last for up to 1-3 days after the surgery. For that, make sure to follow all the instructions given by your dentist.

When Will the Pain End

Your gums will heal and recover with time. Within 3-5 days, you will realize that the pain has started to subside, and your implant will feel normal. However, the full recovery will only take place in about 1-2 weeks. Still, take all the necessary precautions for up to 3-6 months to let the implant settle completely.


While a dental implant is not a painful procedure, the aftermath certainly is. However, you will only need to bear the pain for a week, and then the recovery period will commence. Follow your dentist’s care instructions. You can also ask for painkillers if the toothache gets unbearable.