Tips For Creating A Great Flyer

The flyer is going to be one of your most basic forms of communication between people.  A flyer is simply a piece of paper that has important information on it that tells people about an event or directs them in a specific direction.  When it comes to flyer printing in Gainesville, knowing what it is you want on the flyer and how it should look is key to a successful promotion.


The first thing that you want to do is determine the size.  In most cases, your flyer will be the standard eight and a half by eleven sized pieces of paper.  However, you can have flyers in a wide range of sizes and even shapes.  The size should be large enough to convey your message and the more you can fit into a smaller space, the greater your return on investment will be simply because you can get multiple flyers out of a single sheet of paper.

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The color of your flyer is also very important.  You want your flyer to be on a color that is easy to read.  This is why most flyers are printed on white paper.  When choosing a color, make sure it is easy on the eyes.  You don’t want to have a piece of paper that is bright green or yellow if it doesn’t call for it. 

Also, when looking at color, consider the theme of your flyer.  For instance, a Christmas party flyer will typically be on red or green paper.  A flyer for Halloween will be on orange.

Reply space

You want to look at your reply space.  When you have a reply space or a call to action, you want to make sure it is clear.  This can be a cutout area that you can have people mail in or maybe have coupons that people take with them to the event. 

No matter what you do, take your time and really create a flyer that stands out and gets a return.